A low carbohydrate diet is not like most other diets. Most diets concentrate on cutting fat, and/or calories from meals. On a low carb diet you only reduce sugar & refined carbs.

Reduce fat intake and the weight should fall off? In theory you’d think this would work but it rarely does, at least not in the long term. Reducing fat leaves the dieter hungry, as adding fat to meals makes them more filling and satisfying.


Following a low carb diet is a different approach and makes weight loss more enjoyable and sustainable. Low carbohydrate diets work not by cutting fat but by changing the body's energy source. By reducing intake of sugary, refined carbohydrates the body switches from constantly burning glycogen, as a quick fix, to burning fat. The body naturally becomes a fat burning machine. Research shows not only does this lead to weight being lost more quickly – and safely – but that it is also more maintainable. The changes are lifelong without feeling restrictive.


With a low carbohydrate diet it is possible to eat until satisfied and lose weight at a rate of up to 15 pounds in two weeks (results vary depending on many factors such as how much you want to lose, genetics etc.) The early phase of low carbohydrate diets, like Atkins, recommends eating up to 20g carbohydrates each day. Yet don’t think you’ll go hungry as you have plenty of choice from protein & fat rich foods and vegetables.


During this early phase, the dieter quickly moves towards their target weight. In Phase 2,  they start adding carbohydrates back into their diet and then go through Phase 3 and add back even more ‘good’ carbs until reaching a stage where they maintain their ideal weight with a balanced range of ingredients. What they end with is their desired weight, a diet tailored to their perfect level of carbohydrate consumption and a balanced range of ingredients that can be made into the delicious recipes available on this site. This is where Phase 4 is the perfect place to maintain weight lost.


The science of low carb diets is explained on this site, including reference to more than 100 studies that have proven the benefits of low carb diets. As the research shows, the balance of scientific opinion is moving ever further towards low carb as studies prove the long term benefits, as well as the extraordinary weight loss it provides.


There have been even been studies showing the benefits of low carb diets in managing many health conditions. Of course, anyone suffering from a serious condition should though seek advice before making fundamental changes to their everyday diet.


A diet low in carbohydrates is a proven approach to a better lifestyle, whether it’s for weight loss or improving general health. We would encourage anyone interested in a better lifestyle to look around the site where you will find answers to all your questions and all you need to work towards a fitter you.