What are the main health benefits, so many so I've summarised into the top 10!

 Your body becomes a fat burning machine

When you eat a high carb diet, that’s the fuel source your body uses – carbs. This means your own bodyfat stores are never really used, unless you exercise a certain way. Any excess is therefore stored as bodyfat leading to weight gain. When you reduce carbs, your body’s metabolism switches to burning fat for energy

This increases your energy levels

As your body burns fat, and you don’t get the highs & dips in blood sugar; caused by eating sugary carbs; the stabilises blood sugar and therefore energy levels are increased. Most people find that energy levels soar within a week on a low carb diet

You don’t feel hungry

This has a knock-on effect of taking away your hunger. When you eat carbs & sugar, you crave more, but when blood sugar is stabilised you feel less hungry, plus the foods you eat on a low carb diet are naturally more satisfying

You feel less bloated

Carbs make the body retain water, leading to your jeans feeling tighter. When you reduce carbs, the bloat goes away and you usually feel lighter within a week

Your mood improves – drastically

Without the constant highs & lows in blood sugar, which zap energy and drain your mood; you’ll find that happiness levels will increase. Food really does act as medicine when it comes to the mind and, whilst you may have previously ate sugary foods when you felt low, you’ll find you’ll not reach for this quick fix

Sleep patterns improve

Many people find that within days of following a low carb diet, sleep improves. This has a knock-on effect of increasing energy and you’re less likely to reach for junk food if you’re well rested

You’re not preoccupied with calories

On many ‘diet’s you’re required to count calories, watch the fat and become obsessed with what you’re eating. On Atkins, you’re simply reducing carbs (but not all carbs) yet no need to count calories, fat or protein grams

Your diet naturally improves

Each meal provides protein, healthy fat and lots of vegetables so it’s very balanced and nutrient rich – giving your body everything it needs to support a healthy lifestyle

Exercise becomes more intense

Using fat for energy is much more efficient as you have thousands of calories worth of stored fat; as opposed to a few hundred calories worth of energy from carbs. So you’re less likely to ‘burn out’ during exercise and recovery improves too

Dining out isn’t a chore, even if weight loss is your goal

On typical diets you have to choose ‘rabbit food’ when you eat out with friends. Luckily on a low carb diet you can still eat a tasty piece of steak or salmon, with lots of vegetables drizzled with butter and not feel like you’re missing out!

I'd love to hear from you and if you've had any success on low carb or would like to get started! 

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Posted by Linda O'Byrne
Atkins Nutritionist