There’s more to low carb than weight loss and many people follow Atkins for reasons other than to shrink their waistline

There’s more to low carb than weight loss and many people follow Atkins for reasons other than to shrink their waistline. Here are 5 ways that a low carb lifestyle can help in everyday life:

Your concentration improves

One of the first things that most Atkins followers notice is that they can concentrate on tasks more easily and mental clarity improves. When you eat a lot of refined/sugary carbs, you tend to get brain fog and this is because of the spikes & dips in blood sugar levels. Take out those junk carbs and blood sugar stabilises and you get the knock-on effect of increasing concentration. Perfect for studies, concentrating at work or tasks at home

You have more energy

It’s a misconception that you need carbs for energy, on Atkins you start to burn fat for fuel and this supply is virtually limitless. Plus the effect of stabilisation of blood sugar levels means energy is on a more even keel, rather than just following a sugar hit which gives a quick energy rush followed by a crash, leaving you exhausted and grumpy!

Your mood lifts

“Bad” carbs make me crabby…and they do for many people. Eating a healthy, balanced (and tasty!) diet based on protein foods like poultry, meat or fish; lots of vegetables and healthy fat is the perfect way to balance your mood. Low carb diets have even been shown to improve the symptoms of depression. Such a simple change, in the way you eat, can make such a big difference to your life

You sleep so much better

Improved sleep is one of the things I love about a low carb lifestyle. This has a knock-on effect on other areas of your life too – sleep well and you have more energy, better mood and better weight loss! When we’re sleep deprived, it’s common to crave sugary comfort foods too, looking for the sugar hit for a short-term energy hit

Your workouts are more intense

Yes it’s true. Once you’ve adapted to burning fat for fuel, your body switches to burning fat (not carbs) for energy. Rather than a few hundreds worth of calories of carbs to burn, which rapidly runs out so you have to turn to sugary sports drinks or gels; you have thousands of calories worth of fat. So you have more energy, more endurance and recover better from workouts too

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Posted by Linda O'Byrne
Atkins Nutritionist