Not everyone enjoys eggs, so here are some breakfast ideas without them!

Although eggs are a great Atkins friendly food – full of protein, healthy fats and vitamins and minerals; they aren’t everyone’s favourite. Or maybe you want some variety in your breakfasts. So here are some of my favourite egg-free Atkins’ breakfasts. 

Crispbread with Cream Cheese, Olives, Cherry Tomato & Celery

This is a super easy breakfast and each Atkins’ crispbread is only 1.8g carbs. Top it with your favourite low carb toppings and it’s a great way to get some veggies into your breakfast meal too. 

Hot Flaxseed Cereal

A great choice if you’re looking for a warming breakfast and it’ll increase your intake of healthy fats and fibre from the added ground flaxseeds too.

Hot Flax Cereal

flax cereal


Bacon & Sausage

You can have any variation of an English breakfast and just leave out the eggs. One of my favourite recipes is to roll the cooked sausage in bacon and then grill until the bacon is cooked. Or you can include grilled tomato, sautéed mushrooms or even half an avocado tastes great! 

Bacon, Tomato and Cheese Stacks

Melting the cheese with the bacon and sliced tomato makes this breakfast a tasty option

Bacon, Tomato & Cheese Stacks

bacon tomato cheese stacks


Why not go ‘continental’ and have anti-pasto for breakfast, any combination of meats, cheese, olives etc. makes a tasty breakfast choice


Goat’s cheese stuffed mushrooms

I adore goat’s cheese and it makes a tasty compliment to mushrooms and takes minutes to make. Try experimenting with different cheeses too, such as feta, Stilton or Danish Blue

Goat's Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

goat cheese stuffed mushrooms


Chocolate & Avocado Smoothie

This smoothie is so thick and rich, it makes a filling and delicious start to the day.

Chocolate Mousse/Smoothie (add more water to get the smoothie consistency)

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Posted by Linda O'Byrne
Atkins Nutritionist