Louisa McMullan's story

When Louisa McMullan broke the cycle of yo-yo dieting she reached the smallest dress size she'd ever been; even as a teenager!

Name: Louisa McMullen
Start weight: 16st 7lb
Current weight: 7st 11lb

Louisa has gone from a size 22 to a size 8 after following Atkins Nutritional Approach. She spent years yo-yo dieting and only ever reached a size 14, on any diet, and always regained the weight; and more. 

Louisa says "I've never ever been a size 8 even as a teenager and it feels strange taking size 8 clothes of racks in shops"

Louisa started on Atkins on Feb 15th in 2015 and hasn't missed any high carb foods or ever got bored with the choice of foods on Atkins. She swears she'll never go back to her old eating habits. Even on holiday she maide wise choices and had chicken wings, pickled eggs, salads etc. Louisa loves finding new recipes on the Atkins UK website and on Pinterest. 

She has the support of her partner, Craig, although he does make fun sometimes but is supportive and will eat a lot of the same foods, as will her daughter, Alex. Her Stepdaughter, Maisy, also follows Atkins too just to lose a little puppy fat and she did well. 

Louisa enjoys the Atkins drinks & bars all the time and they are a great snack to have at work. Although she has to hide them from her daughters who love them too! 

“I was sick of yo-yo dieting and finally reached a size 8 dress size! ”