Low Carb Dinner

Put a spin on your favourite dinnertime dishes using low-carb ingredients.

There’s much importance placed on meal-times. Breakfast kickstarts the day, and lunch is an opportunity to take a break, refuel, and refocus the mind, but what about dinner? Dinner has a number of essential functions too, because your eating habits can play a leading role in your quality of sleep, which is so important to keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Fuel for the Body

As the day progresses, the body slowly transitions into the anabolic state. That means you should feed it with ‘build-up’-type foods that can support the anabolic metabolism pathways – for example, foods that contain good fat and protein. Eating carbs at this time of the day can upset the natural metabolic rhythm of the body. Plus, it can slow down the metabolism, giving the carbs a greater probability of converting into fat.

An ideal dinner should be low-carb and well-balanced, and should combine healthy helpings of protein and dietary fat with a portion of complex carbs in order to give your body all the fuel it needs to repair and recover through the night. In addition, the steady release of energy you get from low-carb dinners can promote better sleep. Not to mention that dinner is a great opportunity to ensure you’ve had your daily quota of vegetables, so it’s the perfect time to get creative with some low-carb recipes.

“A low carb dinner combines a healthy helping of protein, complex carbohydrates and dietary fat”

- Linda O'byrne, Atkins Nutritionist

Eating Low-Carb Dinner Is Easy

Eating a balanced, healthy meal before retiring for the day is absolutely necessary and it really doesn’t have to be difficult. There are reasonable ways to control your carb consumption at night without having to skimp on the simple pleasures in life. For example, after a long day, you could wind down to a meat, fish, or chicken dish served with vegetables and a buttery sauce.

How about the times when your colleagues want to get together after work and you feel compelled to tag along? We say go for it, but remember the basic rule: avoid starchy foods (like bread, rice, or pasta) and ask for additional natural fat instead – such as eggs, cheese or avocado – which will help keep you satisfied. For more low-carb dining-out tips, take a look at our previous blog post.

Here at Atkins, we have an extensive selection of low-carb dinner recipes to help you prepare dinners that are full of flavour but low in carbohydrates – including lots of delicious dessert recipes to discover, if you fancy a little treat – so you can focus on working hard during the day and look forward to the reward at night.