Low Carb Lunch

Whether it’s a quick bite or a long, lazy lunch, we’ve got it covered.

Breakfast tends to get a lot of the attention as the most important meal of the day; but if you’re following a low-carb eating plan or generally trying to be carb-conscious, all three of the day’s meals are equally important.

Whatever your lifestyle may be, lunchtime is the perfect opportunity to refuel and refocus for the afternoon ahead. This is why it makes sense that you should eat something that is enjoyable and will keep your energy levels steady until your next meal.

Don’t Get Weighed Down by Carbs

Most people are leading increasingly busy lives, which means limited time for lunch breaks, or having to eat on-the-go or at the desk. Standard lunch fare for the average British adult often consists of a shop-bought sandwich and a bag of crisps, both of which are high in carbs, and they contain hidden sugars and other additives too.

Lunches like this will weigh you down with carbs and leave you feeling lethargic and sleepy for the rest of the afternoon. Not to mention you’ll soon hit the mid-afternoon slump, when you’ll start to crave more food again – which isn’t ideal. Worse still, if your body doesn’t burn off these carbs, it will store them as fat. That’s why it pays to avoid poor lunch choices at all costs.

“We recommend eating a low carb lunch with a higher proportion of dietary fat and protein”

- Linda O'byrne, Atkins Nutritionist

Why You Should Eat Low Carb Lunch

One of the biggest benefits of eating low-carb lunches is that you replace sugar and carbs with a higher proportion of dietary fat and protein, which helps to control ghrelin, the ‘hunger hormone’. A carb-heavy lunch causes a sharp spike in insulin levels, which is quickly followed by a dip in blood sugar which causes more cravings, headache, lethargy and other symptoms.

A low-carb lunch, on the other hand, will help maintain your blood sugar levels and decrease ghrelin, so you won’t end up craving high-carb/sugary foods later. On top of that, because fats and protein switch on the body’s satiety hormones (the hormones that tell you that you’re full), a low-carb lunch will also allow you to carry on comfortably between meals without cravings for sugary or starchy snacks.

In short, with a low carb lunch, you’ll feel fuller for longer and your body will continue to burn fat rather than continually burn the carbs you eat.

Here at Atkins, we have lots of low carb lunch recipes that are fast, healthy, and easy to prepare at home or take to the office to help you make the most of your day.