The 4 Phases of Atkins

We have created a low carb plan that fits around you, your busy lifestyle, and your intended goals. Our plan has been tried and tested by millions of people from all around the world.

It’s simple to follow the four phases of Atkins whilst maintaining the freedom to explore what works best for you. With a variety of handy weight management tools, as well as our low carb counter, you’ll have all the in-depth advice you need on your low carb journey.

Discover the four phases of Atkins below and get started on your low carb journey.

The Atkins phases

Phase 1 – Induction
Kickstart your weight loss. 
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Phase 2 – On-going weight loss
Enjoy your new low carb confidence. 
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Phase 3 – Pre-maintenance
Find your carb balance. 
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Phase 4 – Maintenance
Going low carb for life. 
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To help you through the first two phases, we’ve created a selection of helpful meal plans, which will provide you with 2 weeks worth of tasty meals and snacks to keep you fulfilled throughout the day.

Not only that, but our recipes selection has a wide range of meal suggestions to suit any occasion, and our blog is regularly updated with advice and inspiration.

You’ll never have to go it alone either! Get motivated with our inspirational success stories from people who have already tried and tested the four phases of Atkins.