Following the Atkins diet doesn’t mean that eating out is off limits. There are plenty of restaurants in Birmingham where you can dine out without going off-plan.

London is famed for its wide variety of restaurants, which cater to every taste and dietary requirement that you could think of, but if you live outside of the capital it can feel like your choices are restricted. But worry not! With 4 Michelin-starred restaurants to its name, Birmingham has plenty of tasty choices when it comes to eating out, and no shortage of low-carb-friendly menu options.


So, if you’re looking for your next meal out, here are some of our favourite options, so you can enjoy an evening meal without compromising your weight-wellness goals.




Serving everything from traditional dishes – like noodles, sushi and bento boxes – to more adventurous fusion dishes, Yakinori is a family-owned restaurant that serves authentic Japanese cuisine. Made from fresh ingredients and using traditional techniques, they guarantee that all dishes are cooked fresh each day.


Take one look at the menu and this looks like a no-go for anyone enjoying a low-carb lifestyle, but their fresh sushi, which gains consistently good reviews, comes in plenty of low-carb varieties.






Proving that street-food-style dining doesn’t have to be carb-heavy, Kanteen specialises in serving up protein-rich meals inspired by street food from around the world. With a minimal Scandi feel to the location, and a variety of healthy choices for adventurous eaters, Kanteen is a feast for your eyes and appetite.


Gymmy’s Healthy Grill Restaurant


As the name suggests, Gymmy’s aim is to provide a dining out option for those of us following a certain lifestyle, whether that be low-carb, low-fat, high-protein, or otherwise. Their menu also takes the guesswork out of choosing dishes that will suit your lifestyle because all items are clearly labeled with their protein, carb and fat content per serving.


Natural Healthy Foods


Operating as a store and an eatery with a passion for healthy and sustainable living, all of the products that Natural Healthy Foods stocks are organic, gluten-free, free from refined sugar and vegan, and you can expect their menu to follow the same principles. 


With dishes like  Zucchini Spaghetti with Creamed Porcini Mushrooms and Truffle Oil, and Chilli Kelp and Black Fungus Mushrooms lining the menu, you’ll hardly miss the lack of meat options.




Taking a relaxed and contemporary approach to fine dining, Simpsons prides itself on using seasonal ingredients to create food of the highest quality, and has been the proud owner of a Michelin star since 2000.


Dive into a variety of Atkins-friendly food, like the high-protein Gurnard dish, accompanied by burnt hispi cabbage, monksbeard and avruga caviar for a meal that proves luxury and fine dining is about more than decadent, carb-heavy foods.


There’s no shortage of healthy options across the lunch and dinner menus, and the number of dishes served with a variety of vegetables far outweighs those served with carb-heavy sides.



The key to low-carb dining is having a strategy in place to keep you on plan. Whatever type of restaurant you enjoy dining at, the Atkins diet doesn’t mean that you have to avoid them in the future. For more low-carb inspiration, head over to our blog.




Posted by Linda O'Byrne
Atkins Nutritionist