What Makes a Low Carb Diet Different?

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Posted by Linda O'Byrne (Atkins Nutritionist)

A low carb diet is very different to other diets and has been scientifically proven to reduce health problems and promote weight loss. Find out more.


In the typical UK diet, much of what is eaten is relatively high in carbs – pastas, cereals, potatoes and many meals have a high carb ‘side dish’ accompaniment.

However, it isn’t difficult to find tasty low carb foods and to maintain a low carb diet. Beef, lamb, pork, fish, seafood, poultry, cheese, eggs and vegetables – a trolley full of low carb ingredients could provide many wonderful meals.

The Atkins Carb Counter tells you the amount of grams of carbs in common foods making it easy to stick to the recommended carb count for each phase. In the UK, you count ‘total’ carbs as fibre is shown separately so no need to deduct it from the carb amount.

Sometimes getting a low carb option simply involves a little change in routine. Drink lattes? They are loaded with carbs & sugar so switch to an Americano with cream and the carb count drops dramatically. Simple changes can make a big impact.

Why eat low carb foods?

For many it can be hard to understand that a meal consisting of a juicy steak, full-fat cheese, eggs and green veg could result in weight loss as surely the plate is laden with fatty foods?

However, cutting fat and calories from the diet isn’t necessarily the right choice. On a high-carb diet, the body gets its energy from glycogen and excess fat is stored as bodyfat. Cutting carbs gives the body no option but to use the fat for energy, so the fat and calories in steak, cheese, eggs and more become the body's essential fuel, as well as your own bodyfat; resulting in weight loss.

Also, you don’t feel hungry; as when following the low fat approach; so you’re more likely to stick to a low carb diet and maintain weight loss. As you can see by reading some of the articles on this site, low carb diets have been backed by more than 100 independent scientific reviews, with the likes of Stanford University remarking on how low carb diets, unlike other types, lead to longer term, lifelong weight loss.

 Low carb foods also have other health benefits, with lower carb diets being linked with improvements in health for diabetes sufferers and many other health conditions. Low carb foods tend to taste great and are satisfying and the proven health benefits speak for themselves.